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Getting Legal

But before you can take part in any trial it is necessary to be legal.

 So let’s start with the formalities. Before taking part in any trial, a prospective rider must have a licence, formally called an ACU Trials Registration Card. (The Auto Cycle Union is the governing body of all motorcycle sport in this country and is affiliated to the worldwide organisation, the FIM, Federation Internationale Motorcycliste). These cards are very simple to obtain. First of all you must join a motorcycle club, and as you are currently reading the Lancs County MCC site, it seems appropriate that you should join our club.

 To join Lancs County costs just £5 per year and upon joining we issue you with a Unique Number supplied to Lancs County by the ACU. With that number you can apply for a licence on the ACU website ( or you can download the ACU Trials Registration Card application form, fill it in and send it to us. We will allocate the number it requires and if you have entered your credit/debit card details, we will then forward it on to the ACU. Either way it costs £10 for the year. Contact us through the link elsewhere if you are unsure.

 Once you have applied for your card, then you are free to take part in any trial anywhere in the UK. It is valid for a calendar year. The card is renewed every year – you automatically receive renewal details from the ACU.