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Club History

History Of The Club

Lancs County MCC, as it currently exists was formed a good number of years ago when the members at the time decided they should break away from North Lancs MCC, which was, and still is, primarily a road bike club. The off-road side never really gelled with the road side and the decision to go separate ways resolved any potential conflict.

However, the current committee and active members took over the club at the end of 2000, but then ran just one trial on New Year’s Day 2001 before the sport was brought to a halt by the horrific outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease. It wasn’t until 2002 that the club was able to get back into a full programme of events that continues to this day.

As a general rule, Lancs County run a series of five Sunday trials through the year and a series of five Wednesday evening trials which have been sponsored for many years by Nigel Birkett through his Scorpa importership and by Inch Perfect, the trials shop at New Hey Farm, Whitewell. In fact only four of the evening trials are on Wednesdays as the fifth and final round of the series is held on the Saturday prior to Remembrance Sunday in November.

In addition there is always a New Year’s Day trial and in recent years the club has organised a round of the National ACU Traditional Trials Championship, a series that caters for riders on Pre 75 British machines, Twin-shocks, Air-cooled monoshocks and riders Over 40, 50 and 60 on modern machines. This trial has been particularly well-supported as it is held on a Saturday with another local club running a similar trial the following day to make it a “double-header weekend” which is always attractive to riders.

The members who set out the courses try very hard to organise events that suit riders of most abilities with a friendly, no-nonsense approach to the sport. We believe that Sundays (and Wednesdays) are for enjoyment, and whilst the club always adheres to the rules and regulations laid out by the sport’s governing body, the Auto Cycle Union, we try to do it in a friendly and understanding way by providing the style of trials that most riders seem to enjoy.

As a result we enjoy excellent entries virtually all the time with many riders coming back time after time, many of whom never miss one of our events.

Sunday Series

The Sunday series of trials – which always includes an event on Good Friday – are held over two courses. There is a easy Clubman route and a slightly harder route for experts and also a 50/50 route which uses half of one course and half of the other course for those riders who wish for a slightly more difficult event without going totally on the hard route, which seems to be the most popular set of options we have yet found and which ties in well with most other clubs.

All abilities are catered for, adults, veterans (over 40), riders on twin-shock and pre 65 style bikes, youth A and B and at most Sunday trials C class riders who have some experience would be able to manage the clubman course. Currently we no longer run a conducted course on Sundays, but if there was sufficient demand, then there is every chance we would do so. In fact, if you ride a trials bike then there is a class to suit you.

Wednesday Evening Series

The Wednesday evening series are generally held over courses that are a touch easier than Sunday events. We always have a fairly easy clubman course and also a very easy beginners/returnees course which is aimed specifically at riders who are unsure of their ability, or are new to the sport or are returning to the sport and wish for a gentle re-introduction. There’s no pressure at any event to ride sections above your ability. It’s you who decides and if in doubt, always err on the easy side and move up to more difficult sections once you are confident to do so. There is also a course for electric bike riders and those on 80cc petrol bikes which is usually four or five sections of the main trial ridden several times. This category has to be overseen by the parents.

All entries are taken at the start of each trial (with the exception of the national event) where riding numbers are issued. The entry fee for Sunday trials is £19 for all classes and for Wednesday evening trials £17 with a suitable reduced rate for very young riders in classes C and D who ride the shortened route. These entry fees cover all the costs associated with running trials and include the standard ACU insurance which is fully documented in the ACU Handbook ( We make no secret of the fact that once the compulsory charges are met, we also pay landowners for the use of their land, we cover the cost of refreshments for observers and of course there is a small profit which the club retains for emergencies and the long term wish to buy our own land.

Lancs County is always interested in hearing from riders and we are happy to answer any queries that you may have about most aspects of the sport. The contact details are available elsewhere on this site should you wish to contact us.