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Observers See Observer's Guide Below

It is possible to run a trial without observers, but that’s definitely not the way Lancs County likes to organise their trials.

The club makes every effort to always have a full compliment of observers for each and every trial, and whilst it is not possible to guarantee that every section throughout the year is manned by a keen volunteer, there are times when we have to put the observing board out and let riders mark their own scores down.

 However, attracting observers is not an easy task and it seems to be more difficult with every passing year. We do have a keen nucleus of observers to officiate at our Sunday and National trials, and Wednesday evening trials are always more difficult to get helpers for, but the club generally manages to persuade enough willing helpers to pick up a board for a short stint at an evening trial, which by its very nature is usually all over and done with by 9pm.

 Observers at Sunday trials and the National always receive a very nice box of chocolates or biscuits and we usually have something on offer at the evening trials.

 To Lancs County trial organisers, Observers are the unsung heroes and the club appreciates all the time and effort they put in to support the club and help in the smooth running of all the club’s trials throughout the year. Ladies and gentlemen, we thank you and more willing volunteers are always made very welcome.

 If you, or anyone you know is interested in becoming an observer, then contact us here.

Thanks to the hard work of the Manchester 17MCC we are able to reproduce their very good Observers Guide which is on a separate page.