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You’ve got the bike, you’ve got the kit, you’ve got the licence and you’ve chosen your first trial, so what happens next?

As far as Lancs County events go, then you simply turn up about an hour before the scheduled start time, fill in the entry form which is supplied, pay the entry fee and wait for the trial to take place. It’s as simple as that.

 Most trials that Lancs County run are held over four laps of ten sections. Do what you can if it’s your first trial and if you feel that you are out of your depth and perhaps want to ride only some of the sections, or perhaps a fewer number of laps, then do just that. Ultimately you will get to complete a trial and nobody minds if you find it all a bit testing. We’ve all been there and this friendly sport will never make you feel out of place.

 However, if you’ve managed to ride all the sections and completed every lap, then great. That’s a significant achievement and you can give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. You will have completed a trial in a sport which could give you life-long satisfaction.