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News : The Wheels Could Soon Be Turning - More added June 22.

28 May 2020

Dateline June 22:

There is still no firm decision yet as to what the club is likely to do in the early days of July and August following what is likely to be an easing of the Lockdown. We are thinking that there may yet be another change to the ACU's recommendations and the thought is to perhaps see how other clubs run events before we organise our first trial since mid-March.

We believe that the Westmorland Club may well be planning events in July, so if they do, we'll see how they go before getting too involved.

Ideally of course we would like to run trials in the same manner as we always have, but that seems very unlikely in the near future, and there is much concern about the apparent need for riders to ride in a small group and the difficulty of ensuring that the groups stay as one.

Whatever happens, riders will have a responsibility to follow the requirements as undoubtedly there will be people eager to see our sport fail to follow the rules. However, we do have landowners now happy to have us back so that in itself is a positive start.

We will keep you posted here.

Dateline May 28:

Whilst there has not yet been any meeting between the club officials, there is every likelihood that once the sport can restart, then Lancs County aims to be at the forefront. We do have a date available to us in July, Wednesday 8th for an evening series trial.

Almost certainly it would have to be on-line entry prior to the event and quite likely the number of riders may well be limited with 40 an obvious number, and early suggestions have been four riders starting at each of the ten sections in order to spread out the trial and maintaining  social distancing as best as possible. Please read on for the official ACU press release.

Following a Video Conference of the ACU Ltd Board of Directors, the long-awaited return to two-wheel activity was discussed in detail based on the latest advice/guidance sent out by the UK Government on 25th May.  In case you haven’t seen the latest guidance the link to the document is given below:


On the basis of this document, training will be allowed to take place for participants aged 16 and above.  It goes without saying that in all circumstances, social distancing measures must be respected.  A risk assessment has been produced by ACU Head Office which will be distributed to all ACU Coaches and the guidance given within that document must be strictly adhered to.   The Training Secretary (Debbie Walmsley) is now available to issue permits for the return of training activity.  

Training activity is restricted to 16 years and above in accordance with the latest UK Government guidance and until otherwise notified, the ratio of training is restricted to one Coach to a maximum of three riders, ie. a small cluster.  Details will be issued by ACU Head Office, when it is considered suitable for these numbers to be increased. 

When applying for a training permit, the attached risk assessment must be completed and returned or amended / added to deleted to suit individual needs. What is important is that a Risk Assessment must be supplied which outlines the Control Measures put in place to ensure the safe running of a training session before a Permit is issued. Permit applications can be accepted with immediate effect for Training activity to commence from 1st June.

Practice Permits.  With effect 1st June, permit applications may be sent to the relevant Discipline Secretary to apply for a Practice Permit for practice events to commence from 8th June.  It is stressed that this is not for competition but for practice only and participants aged 16 and above.  

A General Principles document and Risk Assessments pertaining to each discipline will be issued shortly which again will outline the control measures that must be put in place. Organisers may use this Risk Assessment or provide their own document, but in all circumstances a Risk Assessment must accompany a permit application to demonstrate that Control Measures put in place are suitable and sufficient and considered to be as low as is reasonably practicable to reduce the risk of infection and to maintain Social Distancing measures.  

Competition Permits.  For the next three months (commencing 1st June), all Permits (Training/Practice and Competition) will be issued by ACU Head Office.  This is to ensure that a Risk Assessment accompanies a Permit Application, either the Risk Assessment produced by ACU Head Office that has been completed and returned or a risk assessment drafted by the Organiser taking into consideration the control measures to be put in place to mitigate the risk of infection and to consider Social Distancing measures.  

For clarity, competition permits will be issued for events commencing on / or after 4th July.  The cost of a Permit to be issued by ACU Head Office for the next three months (Covid19 Permit) will be £25.00 for each permit and for clarification these are the Permits that would have been issued in normal circumstances by the Centre.  As well as the Risk Assessment, normal protocols regarding a Permit Application applies and entry to the activity is made online such as the ACU online system.  A £3.00 surcharge per rider will be added if we have to cancel the permit following a change in Government advice.

Sidecars. Obviously, each of our sports have provision for Sidecar activity.   Please be assured that the Directors are discussing the issue of Sidecar competition.  Social distancing has to be considered in line with existing UK Government advice/guidance which in its current form has an effect on Sidecars.  At this moment in time, no ACU competitive events in any discipline will commence before 4th July, so we have some time to consider Sidecar activity further in line with the UK Government protocol on Social Distancing.  This issue is being discussed quite comprehensively and once a decision is made, this will be disseminated as quickly as possible.

Youth Practice. As per the latest UK Government guidance, we cannot start youth practice for the time-being.  This is being constantly reviewed and further updates will follow once more clarity has been given on this matter.

The Board of Directors thank all Organisers / members for their continued support and on behalf of the Board, Chairman Roy Humphrey commented “The Directors are well aware of the eagerness of many who wish to get going and get started back in their sport as soon as possible.  Apart from the love of the sport and motorcycles, this will give everyone a lift and help our mental wellbeing. We, as the Governing Body have a responsibility to ensure our Sport, our Clubs and Members adhere to current UK Government policy with regard to Covid-19 and as such we must all do what we can to minimize the risk of infection by maintaining our social distance.  The last thing we or anyone needs is a second peak now that restrictions are slowly beginning to ease’.

Summary of dates:

Activity                                  Permit Application Date                    Event Date

Coaching/Training                 27th May 2020                                1st June 2020

Practice Events                     1st June 2020                                  8th June 2020

Competition Events               15th June 2020                                4th July 2020

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