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News : Where We Stand With The Lurgy!

21 March 2020

Everybody will know by now that our sport has been brought to a complete halt for the foreseeable future due to the Coronavirus outbreak, so until we are able to resume action, here are some suggestions to keep you occupied and interested in the sport.

First of all, there's a small selection of pictures that Mike Rapley took at the last trial on March 15 in the Gallery (accessed from the left side of the Home page) which is titled Low Gill March 15, 2020. A couple of riders have asked why the pictures appear relatively small when viewed on a computer; it's because we compress the size in order that each picture downloads quickly. However, should you ever see a picture that you would like, it can be sent to you by e-mail not compressed, or if it's from Mike Rapley then he can also provide an A4 print. Contact Mike from the number on the home page for Eric Kitchen's e-mail address.

Secondly for those that perhaps don't do social media but need to have a fix regarding trials, then I suggest you take a look at the website Trials Guru, run by Scotsman John Moffatt which has loads of pictures and articles from the past and also current news, including many pictures from Mike Rapley taken both in the early seventies and also more recently around 2004/5 which may be of interest.

There's also a Facebook site called Trials Riding - When A Stop Meant A Five which has attracted loads of interest.

Nobody has any idea at the moment as to how long this halt to our sport - indeed all sport - will be in place, so all we can say is that as soon as we get the all clear, we, as a club, will be back in action.

So until happier times return, from Lancs County and all its members, we wish you well.

Mike Rapley

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