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News : Anna's Ghyll for evening round 3

26 June 2019

It's the best part of 12 months since the club visited Anna's Ghyll  near Brookhouse - it's on the road on the way to the windfarm above Caton LA2 9PS for a trial and the last time we ran an evening trial at this venue it proved to be very popular as it really suits an evening event with good parking and sections that all grades of ride can enjoy.

As always, there will be a sensible clubman course - easier than a month ago!! though to be fair the weather caused that problem - and of course a dead easy course.

Four laps of ten sections will be the format with a start time of around 6pm with entries taken at the start.

Organising catering is very difficult for an evening trial as the number of riders can never be predicted and of course the caterers need to have the event worthwhile, but we'll see what can be done.

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