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News : Kia Results from Sunday

17 March 2019

ERIC KITCHEN'S PICTURES have now been added to the Gallery under the file name Kia Trial.

The RESULTS from Sunday's 2nd round of the Kia Twinshock Championship have now been collated, and it would be fair to say that it turned out just about right - there were some tough sections and plenty of easy ones, which considering the weather just 24 hours earlier, it's a miracle it went ahead at all.

So much appreciations to Robert Taylor, Nick Shield and Ian Quinn for setting out in torrential wind and rain on Saturday when the beck was nearly waist deep, but Robert knew it would drop as quickly as it had risen and he was dead right.

The club's thanks go to the Kia organisers for selecting us to hold a round of this year's series, but what's more important is our very grateful thanks to the 19 observers who supported us.

The winners of the Kia observers money prizes were David Taylor, Hughie Irving and John Gornall and of course all observers were given biscuits and or chocolates and wine, so thanks to them all.

The results were published at 8.30pm.

Thanks to Eric Kitchen for the front page picture and no doubt many of his pictures will appear in our Gallery later this week.

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