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News : Lancs Members Discount Offer - And The Next Trial

18 February 2019

Just a reminder that the club's first Sunday trial of the year will be at Ivah Allotments, Low Gill LA2 8RB is the nearest postcode, on Sunday, February 24 with a 10.30am start.

Three courses, hard, green (50/50) and clubman with four laps of ten sections, and a catering truck has been promised with entries taken at the start.

And due to the club's long standing connection with Inch Perfect Trials, we've been able to negotiate a great deal for all Lancs County members. Just following the links below and take advantage of this great offer.

Lancs County MCC members get 10% off parts and clothing at Inch Perfect Trials.  Members just need to create an account here ( then email to be added to the discount group.


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