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News : Update To Our Plans

24 January 2019

The club enjoyed a successful AGM on January 22 with a good attendance from committee members and also from a few regular riders in the club's events.

First of all, the club donated £300 from the New Year's Day trial to the North West Air Ambulance bringing the total that we have donated to date being £4475 since we first decided to support this organisation. We support the Air Ambulance as it is a service that supports the community as a whole without fear nor favour.

The AGM proved to be a lively meeting although there were no major changes to the format of the club with Chris Kirkbride continuing as Chairman, Mike Rapley as the Secretary and Diane Shield as the treasurer. Financially the club remains very healthy.

There was much discussion regarding the continual reduction in the number of entries the club receives for events with several reasons put forward. One surprising statistic came from Nick Shield who revealed that in a 12 month period the Northern and North West Centres run a total of 92 trials. Lancs County is right on the border between the North West and Northern Centres which sometimes makes it a long haul for riders to travel when they live at opposite ends of their own centres.

Several of those attending the meeting said that in their opinion in recent years the Clubman course in Sunday trials had become more difficult, possibly due to the club deciding to run just a Clubman Easy and a Clubman Hard course; possibly due to different individuals setting out the events and possibly due to riders attending being of a different level of ability.

It was taken on board and for 2019 the club will revert to three routes; i.e. a easy clubman route, a 50/50 route and a hard route which should ensure that the clubman route difficulty level is knocked down a notch or two and with a 50/50 route available, those who want it a bit more difficult than a easy clubman course can ride the mix of clubman and hard routes. This system worked well for a long time and it is hoped that it will adjust the level of difficulty to suit more riders.

It was suggested that many riders may not be aware that through the series of Sunday and Wednesday evening trials there is a Club Championship calculated at the end of the year. The Wednesday night series winners have already been announced and can be found by going to the RESULTS link on the home page whilst the Sunday Series results can be seen below and on the same link. The winners of both series receive Marks and Spencer vouchers whilst the youths will be sent an appropriate trophy. There is a requirement that riders must complete a minimum of two events in either series to qualify.

The calendar has also been updated with the potential venues nominated where possible. Access this by clicking on the calendar box on the home page. And please note that the meeting decided NOT to run a New Year's Day Trial in 2020, but to hold it on the following Sunday, January 5.

The picture illustrating this article was taken a couple of years ago at the Highland Classic Two Day Trial where several Lancs members rode. From left they are Michael Batty, Nick Shield, Ephy Wilson, Mike Crackles, Robert Taylor, Neil Buckley and James Hathaway.

2018 Sunday Series Championship positions.

Clubman Adult: 1 Robert Taylor 25 points, 2 Lewis Johnson 18, 3 Joe Hiley 16.

Clubman Veteran: 1 Glyn Boughton 18, 2 John Holdsworth 18, 3 Pete Clibburn 13.

Clubman Youth A: 1 Joe Willshaw 20, 2 Harry Towler 14.

Easy Clubman Adult: 1 Peter Blowers 26, 2 Andrew Southward 11, 3 Nerijus Barcas 8.

Easy Clubman Veteran: 1 Andy Whiteside 34, 2 Mike Rapley 20, 3 Michael Batty 17.

Easy Clubman Twinshock: 1 Mike Crackles, 2 Tony Swidenbank 18.

Easy Youth A: 1 Joe Willshaw

Easy Youth B: 1 Ryan Peck

Easy Youth C: 1 Jack Dixon.

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