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News : 2018 Evening Series Results Calculated

16 November 2018

Following the final round of the Inch Perfect sponsored Evening Series of trials this year, the results from each class have now been calculated and are listed below.

At the start of the series, Matthew Alpe of Inch Perfect offered a day's free trials training to any rider who completed  four of the rounds and all those who did ride four events had their name put into a hat and one lucky name drawn out of the hat by the club secretary's long suffering wife was that of Christian Biddulph of Lancaster whose picture by Eric Kitchen leads this article.

He has already been informed of his good fortune and he will soon be enjoying a day of free trials training at Inch Perfect.

The results are:MAIN COURSE - Adults: 1 Jonny Clark 28 points, 2 Robert Taylor 18 points, 3 Mark Carradus 14 points

Veterans: 1 Peter Blowers 36 points, 2 Matt Baron 14 points, 3 Jason Cragg 14 points

Twinshocks/Pre 65: 1 Stephen Dixon 30 points, 2 Mike Crackles 12 points, =3 Tom Bleasdale and Richard Crackles 10 points

Youth A: 1 Joe Willshaw 18 points, 2 Harry Towler 16 points, 3 Sam Robinson 10 points

Youth B: Ryan Peck 34 points, 2 Cameron Brice 20 points, =3 Jack Long and Thomas Howson 8 points

Youth C: 1 Jack Dixon 30 points

EASY COURSE - 1 Gary Thompson 28 points, 2 Christian Biddulph 24 points, 3 Robert Pryce 12 points

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