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News : Storm Hits Round 3

29 July 2018

ERIC'S Pictures now added to the Gallery. The RESULTS from a storm hit third Sunday Series round at Anna's Ghyll/Caton Moor are attached and thanks must go to the landowners at the two venues and also the nine observers, Robert Taylor and Nick Shield who gave up their rides, Ian Quinn and Dave Taylor, Barry Hiley, Stuart Willshaw, James Hathaway, Keith and Lyndis Quinn and Diane Shield. Thanks for attending this trial in such horrible conditions, and I think you'll agree it was well worth it for a great trial.

It's in everybody's interest to read the article previous to this posting relating to the VNUK situation (yes I know it's boring but it's also critical to the future of our sport), and also to note that our next trial is a Wednesday evening event on August 15 at Ghyll Farm, Bowston near Kendal which will be signposted from the turning to Bowston about a mile from the northern end of the Kendal bypass.

Thanks to Eric Kitchen for turning out yet again to photograph this trial and his pictures will appear in the gallery soon.

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