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News : Barkingate For Good Friday

09 March 2018

The club's annual Good Friday trial, by its very nature runs on a different date every year except that it's always on Good Friday - and this year is no exception.


What is an exception is that the venue, whilst not new for the club, is one that we rarely use despite it being one of the best venues that we have. This year it will be Barkingate Farm, Roeburndale near Wray and the last time it was used was nearly 12 months ago. It's a great place for trialing and there is a wealth of very good sections available to use. Last year the club held a Normandale Championship round there (for veteran riders) and it proved very popular.


The trial is likely to be either four laps of 10 sections or maybe three laps of a dozen or so, but whatever the guys come up with, this is a really good trial in which to ride.


However, there is just one minor snag and that is we are unlikely to be able to use the normal field for parking. By its very nature it tends to be wet and late March is not the driest time of year. But there is adequate parking in and around the farm yard, at the top of the lane and perhaps on the verges of the approach road. What would really help is if several riders could get together and travel in one vehicle which would make things a lot easier for all.


It is no secret that getting catering is increasingly difficult but we are trying to find a regular replacement and if we succeed, then you will know via this page and the club's website. Right guys, we have a caterer booked, the guy who attended the Milnthorpe Trial has agreed to come, so please support him.

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