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News : Kitch Pics Now Added to Results from Low Gill on Feb 25

25 February 2018

Hi guys, Kich Pics are now on the Gallery under Low Gill 2018

I've suffered a major computer malfunction tonight but I have managed to get one print out of the completed results. The computer on which I normally do the results won't e-mail and won't connect to the internet so I have scanned the results to my main computer and they are available HERE.

This means they won't be appearing on Trials Central - unless I can overcome the problem.

Thanks to the guys who set out the trial, Robert Taylor, Dave Oswald, Jason Cragg and Nick Shield and of course to the observers on the day, Keith and Lyndis Quinn, Ted Beaty, James Hathaway, David Taylor, Ian Quinn, John Holdsworth and Mike Crackles colleague whose name I don't know as well as Stuart Willshaw and Bryan Harrison. Also thanks to Eric KItchen for his pictures which will appear over the next few days.

Also apologies for the non-appearance of the catering wagon. We were promised  one but it never happened, so I suggest that in future you all make some butties the night before as these days getting a regular caterer is very difficult.

Our next trial is on Good Friday, March 30, venue to be decided but will be announced on here and Trials Central

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