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News : Cockerham Is The Place For The New Class Offer For Beginners

12 October 2017

Lancs County MCC recognises that for many newcomers to the sport, four laps of ten sections is often more than a beginner can manage in their first few trials, so the club  is now going to offer an easier version of all events in an effort to make the transition from raw beginner to competent rider a much easier step.

Starting with the next event which is our Saturday afternoon trial on November 11, which will be at Batty Hill Farm, Cockerham, LA2 0DZ a venue that we have not used for a few years, there will be a class for beginners in which they only need to complete two laps of the course to be classed as a finisher.

It will be a separate class over both the main clubman route and also the dead easy route and we hope that this easy way to take part will attract new riders to the sport.

There is no restriction with regard to age, we just accept that if you are a raw beginner, this should be a easy way in and to decide whether trials riding is for you.

Of course having completed two laps, if the rider wants to carry on and perhaps stretch themselves to doing three or maybe even four, then only the first two laps will be counted. Of course, the entry fee will be the same for all,£15 for the Saturday trial and future Wednesday evening trials and £17 for Sunday trials, as of course the club's costs remain the same, but even so, it's a cheap way to begin the sport without getting exhausted and thinking that things are simply too hard.

So, spread the word around and we'll see whether this new idea is acceptable.

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