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Lancs County MCC is a motorcycle trials club based in the North West of Lancashire that organises a number of Sunday and Wednesday evening trials each year.

It exists to provide enjoyable off-road trials sport for all levels of abilities for all ages of rider around North West Lancashire.

The picture with the lead story on this home page always changes each time there is a new or modified article and earlier articles can be accessed by clicking on the links above or below. Dates of forthcoming club events are highlighted on the Events Calendar.

Details of the locations where we run our trials can be found by clicking on Getting Started then the page Venues on the strapline.

The last time the site was modified is indicated at the very bottom of this home page where details of how to contact the club are also included.

We Are Back Up And Running

 Hallo folks. Hopefully this is the good news you've been waiting for.Lancs County should be back up and running trials again as we have plans to hold a Wednesday evening trial on August 19 at Wrayton Hall Farm, Wrayton, LA6 2QU. This is a sched...

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Pictures Now Added From Low Gill

» Club News
23 July 2017

Apologies for the delay, especially to Eric who does such a sterling job of work in supplying pictures for this website, but your secretary has been even busier than usual what with the Manx Two Day and decorating daughter Anna's house. The pictures are in the gallery section, called Craggs Farm.Just a reminder that the next trial is on August 16 a...


Better Late Than Never, Results From Low Gill and a VENUE CHANGE

» Results
17 July 2017

My apologies for these late results, but as I said last Wednesday, I was at an ACU meeting in Rugby the following day then went to the Isle of Man for the Manx Two Day with a group of Lancs County riders. However, here they are. The next trial will be at Middle Salter Farm, (Drunkenbridge), Roeburndale, Wray which is a different venue to the o...


See The World Trial GP For FREE!!

» General News
30 June 2017

Yes, the headline says it all.All holders of an ACU 2017 current Licence, whether it be for trials, enduros, motocross, road racing or simply as an official, is offered FREE ENTRY to the World Trial GP at Tong on Saturday and Sunday, July 8/9.There is no catch, it's all part of the ACU's intention to help the sport wherever it can following their o...


Pics By Kitch

» Club News
20 June 2017

The club is dead lucky to be visited at most of our trials by world famous trials photographer Eric Kitchen. Kitch has been photographing trials since 1972 and his photos have been published all over the world in various newspapers, magazines, studio displays and websites - you name it and Kitch Pics have been seen somewhere, so the club is very pr...


Results from Wednesday at Wrayton

» Results
15 June 2017

Attached HERE are the results from Wednesday's very successful evening trial at Wrayton Hall Farm.Many thanks to all those who attended and especially to those who picked up an observers board and recorded the riders through the section. Like all trials organisers we always need observers, especially at evening trials where for a couple of hours en...


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