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Lancs County MCC is a motorcycle trials club based in the North West of Lancashire that organises a number of Sunday and Wednesday evening trials each year.

It exists to provide enjoyable off-road trials sport for all levels of abilities for all ages of rider around North West Lancashire.

The picture with the lead story on this home page always changes each time there is a new or modified article and earlier articles can be accessed by clicking on the links above or below. Dates of forthcoming club events are highlighted on the Events Calendar.

Details of the locations where we run our trials can be found by clicking on Getting Started then the page Venues on the strapline.

The last time the site was modified is indicated at the very bottom of this home page where details of how to contact the club are also included.

Clean ride by Dixon at Barkingate

THE RESULTS from Barkingate show that Steve Dixon continues on his winning ways with another clean sheet from our second evening trial which unfortunately suffered from being extremely wet and was therefore far more difficult than intended. Having sa...

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Pics By Kitch

» Club News
20 June 2017

The club is dead lucky to be visited at most of our trials by world famous trials photographer Eric Kitchen. Kitch has been photographing trials since 1972 and his photos have been published all over the world in various newspapers, magazines, studio displays and websites - you name it and Kitch Pics have been seen somewhere, so the club is very pr...


Results from Wednesday at Wrayton

» Results
15 June 2017

Attached HERE are the results from Wednesday's very successful evening trial at Wrayton Hall Farm.Many thanks to all those who attended and especially to those who picked up an observers board and recorded the riders through the section. Like all trials organisers we always need observers, especially at evening trials where for a couple of hours en...


Redford Results available

» Results
03 June 2017

Eric Kitchen's pictures have now been added to the Gallery and now HERE are the results from Saturday's Angela Redford trial at Barkingate Farm, Roeburndale.Many thanks to all the riders who attended and who enjoyed a great trial on on a day that provided the very best riding conditions.Our special thanks go to the 19 observers and to the land...


Entry List For Saturday's Normandale Round Go to read more, there is some rubbish first

» Club News
29 May 2017

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Bainsbeck Takes Its Toll

» Results
19 May 2017

RESULTS HERE from the opening round of the Inch Perfect evening series at Bainsbeck Farm, Arkholme. There are two files of pictures in the gallery, called Bainsbeck 2017 and Bainsbeck two, totalling 74 pictures so many thanks to Eric Kitchen for once again sorting them out and sending them to us for inclusion.Please read the comments at the bottom...


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