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Lancs County MCC is a motorcycle trials club based in the North West of Lancashire that organises a number of Sunday and Wednesday evening trials each year.

It exists to provide enjoyable off-road trials sport for all levels of abilities for all ages of rider around North West Lancashire.

The picture with the lead story on this home page always changes each time there is a new or modified article and earlier articles can be accessed by clicking on the links above or below. Dates of forthcoming club events are highlighted on the Events Calendar.

Details of the locations where we run our trials can be found by clicking on Getting Started then the page Venues on the strapline.

The last time the site was modified is indicated at the very bottom of this home page where details of how to contact the club are also included.

We Lose Our Respected Treasurer

It is with great sadness that we report today the passing of the club's former treasurer, Diane Shield.Diane was elected the club treasurer at the end of 2000 when Diane, her husband Nick, Mike Rapley and Graham Atkinson took the helm of the club fol...

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Arkholme For Evening Opener

» Club News
29 April 2019

The first evening trial by the club has traditionally begun at Bainsbeck Farm, Arkholme, LA6 1BA and this is again the venue of this year's opening round which will be on May 15 with a 6pm start time. Unfortunately there will NOT be any catering as Terry is still recovering from his stroke and Sandra can't leave work in time, but entries will be ta...


Wrayton Results

» Results
19 April 2019

ERIC KITCHEN'S PICTURES HAVE BEEN ADDED IN THE GALLERY UNDER FILE  WRAYTON GOOD FRIDAY 2019. The Wrayton Results have now been compiled and when this is posted it will still be before 6pm on Friday evening. Almost as quick as punch cards!!The club's thanks go to the weatherman for a cracking day, Brian Ashton for the use of his land, Robe...


A Return To Wrayton

» Club News
03 April 2019

It's some years since we last ran a "Sunday" trial at Wrayton Hall Farm, Wrayton, LA6 2QU but that's where we will be going for the Good Friday trial on April 19 which will be round 2 of the club Sunday series.Robert Taylor will be at the helm and this will be the first time he has had a chance to set out the sections at this venue owned by Brian A...


Kia Results from Sunday

» Club News
17 March 2019

ERIC KITCHEN'S PICTURES have now been added to the Gallery under the file name Kia Trial.The RESULTS from Sunday's 2nd round of the Kia Twinshock Championship have now been collated, and it would be fair to say that it turned out just about right - there were some tough sections and plenty of easy ones, which considering the weather just 24 hours e...



» Club News
24 February 2019

THE TRIAL WILL DEFINITELY TAKE PLACE EVEN THOUGH THE WEATHER CONDITIONS THIS MORNING HAVE BEEN HORRENDOUS. CONTINGENCY PLANS MEAN THERE WILL BE SOME CHANGES, BUT IT WILL HAPPEN.   The entry list for the second round of the Kia Twinshock Championship is HERE.Eric Kitchen's pictures have been added to the Gallery under the  heading Low...


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