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Lancs County MCC is a motorcycle trials club based in the North West of Lancashire that organises a number of Sunday and Wednesday evening trials each year.

It exists to provide enjoyable off-road trials sport for all levels of abilities for all ages of rider around North West Lancashire.

The picture with the lead story on this home page always changes each time there is a new or modified article and earlier articles can be accessed by clicking on the links above or below. Dates of forthcoming club events are highlighted on the Events Calendar.

Details of the locations where we run our trials can be found by clicking on Getting Started then the page Venues on the strapline.

The last time the site was modified is indicated at the very bottom of this home page where details of how to contact the club are also included.

The Re-start Is Here

ENTRIES ARE NOW FULL AS OF 5.45pm ON TUESDAY MARCH 16.The entry list is now on Facebook under Lancs County MCCAfter a disappointing false start at the beginning of the year due to the most recent lockdown, all seems clear for Lancs County to hold the...

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Drunkenbridge Evening Results

» Results
29 August 2019

ERIC Kitchen's pictures have been added to the Gallery - titled Drunkenbridge 2019THE RESULTS are attached from the fourth round of the Inch Perfect evening series at Drunkenbridge.A disappointing entry of just 25 riders, but on reflection with darkness on us by 8.30pm, perhaps a small entry was the optimum for the day.Thanks to those who took part...


Drunkenbridge for the fourth evening trial

» Club News
20 July 2019

We return to Middle Salter Farm, (Drunkenbridge), Roeburndale near Wray LA2 9LN for the fourth round of the evening series on August 28, a very popular venue which attracted over 60 riders the last time we rode there.It will be the usual format of 4 laps and 10 sections with a normal clubman course and a easy beginners/returnees course, with entrie...


Cheese and biscuits the Anna's Ghyll Highlights

» Results
11 July 2019

Eric KItchen's pictures now added to gallery under Anna's Ghyll 2019.THE RESULTS from the third round of the evening series are now available, with the trial at Anna's Ghyll proving to be spot on with regard to difficulty. There was just the one clean with Stephen Dixon now having ridden all three evening trials without loss, and then four riders g...


Anna's Ghyll for evening round 3

» Club News
26 June 2019

It's the best part of 12 months since the club visited Anna's Ghyll  near Brookhouse - it's on the road on the way to the windfarm above Caton LA2 9PS for a trial and the last time we ran an evening trial at this venue it proved to be very popular as it really suits an evening event with good parking and sections that all grades of ride can en...


Clean ride by Dixon at Barkingate

» Results
13 June 2019

ERIC KITCHEN's pictures have now been added to the Gallery entitled Barkingate 2019. Obviously there's been a bit of a delay due to our secretary's involvement with the Nostalgia trial and apologies for the delay in the results appearing on Trials Central. There were some log in problems with the club's log in details to TC but Andy (of TC) has now...


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